Slaid Cleaves.  Grew up in Maine.  Lives in Texas.  Writes songs.  Makes records.  Travels around.  Tries to be good.

Slaid is one of the best songwriters we have had at Isis Music Hall – it’s his 5th visit to our venue.

Slaid Cleaves


Over the past four years, in between seasonal touring across the US, and occasionally over the pond, Slaid Cleaves could often be found camped out in his own guest house, escaping from the day to day chores and distractions, poking away at a handful of song ideas.  It starts with blank pages, tiny scraps of ideas, either lyrical or melodic (sometimes both).  In the midst of hours of trial and error, there are the rare moments of insight, but the idea of a whole album of new songs seems an impossible dream.  The months, the years go by.  One by one the songs start to take shape.  And then, something seemingly miraculous happens: all of a sudden there are not just a handful of ideas, but a dozen new, finished songs.  In early 2016 Slaid gave the signal to Austin guitarist, producer and singer-songwriter in his own right, “Scrappy” Jud Newcomb, who deftly put together studio, engineer and musicians to help create Ghost on the Car Radio, Cleaves’ first collection of new songs since 2013’s acclaimed Still Fighting the War.  Released worldwide on June 23, 2017, the new album will propel Slaid and Karen back onto the road for the foreseeable future as Cleaves puts down his pen and straps on his 1965 Gibson J-50 to perform old songs and new, world-weary yet defiant, doing his part to help us all through these “interesting times.”

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