Longtime musical collaborators and friends David Earl (formerly David Earl and the Plowshares) and Black Robin Hero share a special night of Vintage Rock and Roll and each release a new full length CD of original material. J. W. Carlson opens the show with an acoustic set.

David Earl Tomlinson


Catch a Thrill is the new album of nine original songs from seasoned musician David Earl and his band, formerly the Plowshares. Catch a Thrill is a set of Vintage, Classic Rock and Roll and Country Soul that is drawing comparisons to The Band, Ryan Adams, and even the Boss and Lucinda Williams.

Part carnival barker, part preacher. Part mystic, part con man. David Earl is a carpetbagger based in the fertile cultural mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. The ghosts and myths of the south inhabit both his voice and his music. Cutting his teeth on the early American field recordings of Alan Lomax, David Earl sang along with the haunting recordings of field workers, chain gangs, blues legends, church quartets, folk singers, cowboys and all the rough and hardy characters of the Nineteenth Century American South and beyond. Sparking his imagination with the power of music of, by and for the people. Somehow David Earl found inspiration for today in music that came up from the land and out of the ether of a distant, early time.

From his co leader in the Kuumba and David Earl Band he learned African Spirituals that opened him up to new magic that compels him to this day. A more feminine energy that shocked him with the power beneath its gentle melodies. David Earl was made a channel, a vessel for the supernatural, an experience in which the ancient chants brought forth a moment that was continually being born. Music from long ago brought to life in the Now. The most spellbinding and hypnotic on stage experiences of his career are of these simple, repetitive chants.

At some point, the old time influences gave way to the Earl’s more modern, originals songs. Songs of ragged glory, back seat gospel, tempered sensitivity, and measured optimism. Having already been through the trappings of fame without bothering to get famous, David Earl’s songs simmer with the wisdom of a recovering addict and the humor of one who has come too far to take himself too seriously. And the band. The BAND! From Silas Durocher (the Get Right Band) to Chris Pyle (Royal Trux, Scrappy Hamilton) and his father Artimus (Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Artimus Pyle Band), Lenny Pettinelli (Empire Strikes Brass) and the secret weapon, Matt Lane (Black Robin Hero), there was more than enough of the right talent on hand to realize the Earl’s songs. The band took a simple, live approach to the recordings in Matt Williams Eagle Room Studio and the result is rough perfection. “It is nothing less than a dream come true to have these amazing players on my debut record” says David Earl.

Black Robin Hero


Black Robin Hero is an Asheville, NC rock n’ roll revival. A band that brings together sounds and musicianship of decades past and presents them with an urgency of the present. Harmonies and swirling electric guitars create a colorful wall of sound not often seen in the music world of today. Pair this with a new edge that separates them from the bands of yesteryear and you have a group that takes the best of the past and present and melds them together for a familiar yet new sound of rock n’ roll.

J.W. Carlson


Raised in the rural landscape of southeast Michigan, J.W. Carlson is a unique voice in American music. With pockets full of admiration for the introspective, heart-tugging songwriting of Hank Williams, Neil Young and Bob Dylan, J.W Carlson digs at the well of Americana music with one foot stuck in the mud of tradition, and the other digging into the shore of contemporary folk-country music

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