Matt Hires


One of the most difficult things about making an album is deciding which songs are going to get recorded and which songs are not. By the time I’m ready to go into the studio, I usually have had at least 20 songs written, but then have to decide on 10-12 that make the final cut. There are always really good songs that end up getting left behind for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s because they didn’t fit with the overall vibe of the album, sometimes they were songs that I wrote at the last minute and there wasn’t time to record them, sometimes it was because a record label exec just didn’t like the song.
Good songs have been left behind. Now it’s time to bring them back.

Red Eye is a collection of four of these B-sides and demos. They are songs that have aged over the years like a good scotch. They are songs that refused to die. They are songs that withstood the test of time, and now they’re finally ready to be released from the vault and make their way out into the world. Enjoy.

Kyle Cox


Kyle Cox is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN who’s latest release, “Trio & Friends” (Rock Ridge Music), is produced by Mike Marsh of The Avett Brothers. Kyle emphasizes the importance of the song with every melody and lyric. He takes pride in being a student of songwriting – drawing inspiration from peers and legends alike, while never letting his unique voice get lost. There is no doubt that his dedication to the art of songwriting shines through with each song, making it something that will last.

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