Sarah Clanton a Hair Tossin’, Cello Wielding Sultry Songstress… she is full of surprises. Her demeanor is demure, her music is dark-edged with a satirical bite. She has imagination, bravado and the technical chops to turn you into a believer.

Sarah Clanton


Individuality is key in the world we live in. True individuality separates us from each other and differentiates who we are as people; this is exactly what sultry cellist Sarah Clanton possesses from within. Clanton’s sound is unlike any other and has the power to make the listener drift off into an unknown world of peace and clarity through soothing string sounds and a beautifully harmonious voice – her latest self-titled EP, Sarah Clanton, is no exception.

Clanton’s second release, Sarah Clanton is more representative of her live performance and more organic than ever before. Featuring just cello, voice and electric guitar, this EP embodies exactly what she manifests onstage during performance. A true representation of who she is, this open canvas of work led to more growth for the artist. “I feel this work shows my growth as a songwriter and performer. My vocals have improved along with my songwriting after having the opportunity to write with more folks from many genres.”

Bringing the talent of playing an otherwise lesser known instrument to the table, Clanton strums the cello throughout the EP, giving the listener a combined sense of calm and excitement at the sound that seeps through the speakers. Gaining her voice through cello, Clanton credits it as helping her conquer her past stage fright. “Discovering that I could play and sing at the same time with my cello allowed me to find my voice and gave me confidence to perform.”

Beginning to play the stringed instrument at an early age, Clanton remembers possibly driving her neighbors crazy in the first stages learning to play, “I did not even know how to tune the thing or where to put my fingers but I played it loudly and horribly without a care. Since then I’ve always played.” And play she does on this enticing EP that won’t leave a single soul disappointed; dripping with soft, sultry vibes and a voice that’ll leave you wanting more.

Spending time in the studio is something she loves doing, something that allows her to create and grow even more. Through her classical background from childhood and time interning for a jingle company in Nashville during college, Clanton came to realize that each song comes differently and that every recording session can be both inspirational and educational. Clanton says that her inspiration can come from experiences, conversations or a muse but that hard work and intention are what really get a song from an idea to true listening pleasure.

This latest EP will certainly have any listener addicted to the soft, dark tones that Clanton created alongside her cello and aching for more. “Creating keeps us going and keeps me inspired.”

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