The Everly Brothers Experience featuring The Zmed Brothers brings the music and history of the Everly Brothers, that spanned the gap between Rock n Roll, Blues, Country, and RnB

A Return to Peter Paul and Mary – Their songs, Their Sound & Their message for all generations, comes alive in this one-night only performance presented by local veterans Paula Hanke, Peggy Ratusz & James Vandenberg.

This will be an evening of music filled with vocal harmonies. -While both groups were different genres (Everly Brothers- Country Rock and Roll and Peter Paul and Mary – Folk Revival)  in the late 50s an early 60s – they both relied on great vocal harmonies.

The Zmed Brothers


In January of 2016, brothers Zachary and Dylan Zmed (acoustic guitars/vocals) and their partner (drummer in the group and son of founding members of ambrosia) Burleigh Drummond began developing the Everly Brothers Experience show. Since then they have celebrated the pivotal sounds of the Everly Brothers music with enthusiastic crowds all across the us and over seas in iconic clubs, theaters, performing arts centers, casinos, ballrooms, and coliseums. the Zmeds say, “our aim is to honor the aesthetics of their iconic sound and honor their unique place in music history all while telling our own personal story,” and they do just that. growing up with a father, (Adrian Zmed – t.j hooker/grease 2) as a traveling singer/dancer/actor, and a mother (Barbara) as a second grade teacher in southern California, the Zmed brothers continually strive to pay homage to their roots by always infusing an instinctual blend of entertainment and education in their show.

Women Who Made Music History Concerts


Women Who Made Music History Concerts, LLC presents, “A Return to Peter, Paul & Mary.”
Co-Creators, producers, & award-winning song interpreters, Paula Hanke & Peggy Ratusz, are highly recognized for their potent partnership. In this show, they will be honoring, profiling & performing the iconic hits of the most beloved trio of all time, Peter, Paul & Mary.

Along with their Musical Director, guitarist, singer & all around great guy, James Vandenberg, the 3 will harmonize their way through If I Had A Hammer, Leaving On A Jet Plane, 500 Miles, Puff The Magic Dragon, Blowin’ In the Wind & more. Get ready to be reminded why the records released by these 1960’s troubadours went double platinum in the civil rights era. You’ll be singing along from start to finish!

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