Flagship Romance are real-life lovers, newlyweds & songwriters constantly touring and engaging audiences with infectious harmony.
Chasing Lovely is a folk/rock/pop/soul duo with obvious genre commitment issues.

Chasing Lovely


Sisters Chloe and Taylor, Chasing Lovely combines haunting harmonies, powerful melodies and insightful lyrics to create a truly captivating acoustic performance. Chloe and Taylor have spent four years touring across the continental United States, and it shows—both in their showmanship and undeniable bond as sisters. They grew up in the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, MN, and have been nearly inseparable since birth. Chloe has always had a knack for singing and playing just about any instrument she picks up, while Taylor is a word- nerd whose melodramatic tendencies make for good lyrics.

Flagship Romance


Flagship Romance consists of real-life lovers, newlyweds, singers, and songwriters Shawn Fisher and Jordyn Jackson. To describe their sound, they have coined the term “Harmonic Alternative Folk.” Anchored by Fisher’s unique guitar playing, Flagship Romance compositions are centered around and feature the couple’s unclassifiable vocal blend. Flagship Romance has toured the US multiple times, making stops at legendary venues such as The Bitter End in New York City and multiple performances at the historical Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, FL. They have shared he stage with the likes of Iris Dement, Claire Lynch, the Goo Goo Dolls, Jack’s Mannequin, and Mason Jennings. Flagship Romance has also been a part of many festivals including SXSW, Mumford & Sons’ Gentlemen of the Road Stopover, and the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival.

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