The Georgia Flood is the quirky cousin of Weezer and Fitz in the Tantrum. High energy and groovy vibes define their live show. Combining synth aesthetic with a rock groove, they’ll win you over on and off stage.

Catch Lauren Beeler performing her new full-length album with her band live at Isis Music Hall. Her Album ‘Dixie Plaza’ highlights alternative and folk rock tones while expressing what its like to be a young woman growing up in Eastern Tennessee.

The Georgia Flood


Self-financed, the band went into Jason Hoard’s Black Cat Studio to put together the seven songs contained within their new EP. Don’t let the EP status fool you though, the band toiled over 30+ tracks to carve out their favorites, coalescing into seven songs that journey through themes of love, good times, and tragedy. “We had a really tough time choosing just a few,” explains Brooks, The Georgia Flood’s lead guitar player and singer,.“We had so many songs that really brought the listener to amazing moments.”
“Whistle King,” the records infectious first single, encompasses much of what the record is about. “On the surface it seems sort of nonsensical and fun but the song really describes how crazy our lifestyle is on the road,” explains Lane, who plays bass and sings harmonies. “Playing in an indie band is a constant state of discovery, and lyrically, “Whistle King” exemplifies much of that exhilaration and frustration.”
After the record’s release on December 2nd, The Georgia Flood will be touring throughout the Southeast into the New Year. With a dynamic live set, the band intends to bring their music to ears the good old fashioned way, one club at a time.

Lauren Beeler


Lauren Beeler was born and raised in a small town in Eastern Tennessee. She was largely influenced by Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries, Fiona Apple, and Annie Clark of St. Vincent. She began playing guitar at the age of 9 and has since developed her own unique playing style.
Her debut full-length album ‘Dixie Plaza’ was released on October 13th, 2018. She draws from a wide range of styles and influences to create a truly original musical collection ranging anywhere from rock, folk, and pop. Her album focuses on her experiences spending the first 22 years of her life in a small rural town in Northeast Tennessee.

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