Celebrate another show at the amazing Isis Music Hall by indulging yourself with the very special dinner option, for fans interested in a more immersive and intimate experience. You can enjoy delicious dining as you bask in the tasty talents of our show’s opening act (local of course!) The Reversels.

Two shows:
Friday and Saturday Nights – 9pm
Saturday Show : Dinner is available in the dining room only
Tickets on sale now ($15 until December 25th)


Love Me Tinder


Step right up, Ladies, and Gentlemen, and everyone in the Between! Seduction Sideshow is preparing to take you on a journey to… well… right here! Laugh with us as we take a satirical look at our hometown’s dating scene. Let us Bask and Revel in the Shining Light that is our little A.V.L. *Wink!*

This season’s “Love Me Tinder” will explore an assortment of experiences one might have in our little town – Dates, Dumps, Ditches, Fiascos, Affairs, Encounters (and more positive things too!) – the stories of which will be told through dance, circus, burlesque, comedy, bad acting, stage magic, and sexiness. Attractive people saying deep, dark, sexy, ridiculous things while you have a cocktail or two – what more could one want of an evening??

If our past is any indication, you can bet the journey will be wild, scathing, silly, and possibly offensive (or informative?). Please bring your friends and support the TRULY Asheville-born phenomenon that is SEDUCTION SIDESHOW!!

Genre: Bluegrass Jazz Classical Rock Classic Rock Southern Rock Acoustic Old-Time Folk Rock Indie Americana Country Folk Blues Reggae World Instrumental Comedy Drama Jam Motown Funk Swing Country Western Gypsy Jazz Celtic Singer Songwriter Atl Country Gospel Pop Hip-Hop Honky Tonk R&B Soul Story Teller Oldies Lawn Concert Private Event Brass Outlaw Country Big Band DJ Electronica Theater Dance Party Fundraiser Flamenco Pop Rock Special Event