Master songwriter and storyteller with captivating vocals. We welcome Ellis to the Isis Music Hall Stage for a 7:30pm concert.


Ellis will also be presenting a Songwriting “Master Class” earlier in the day from 1PM until 4PM – tickets are available for that class – which also includes the evening concert

Ellis Paul


Ellis Paul’s songwriting credentials are unassailable. They are as genuine as the fifteen Boston Music Awards he has earned, as indelible as the tattoo of Woody Guthrie that adorns his arm, and as authentic as the musical roots he draws upon with every note he plays. He emerged out of the Boston music scene during a time when contemporary folk was beginning to come into the mainstream. Now, with 20+ years of playing 150 to 200 shows annually, 19 record releases, a documentary film, a book of poems/short stories, an award winning children’s book project, as well as songs featured on Hollywood soundtracks, he makes Boston’s music scene proud. A returning songwriting instructor at the Swannanoa Gathering gives Ellis more ties to the WNC music scene.

Ellis Paul Songwriting Master Class


Ellis Paul Master Class Sunday April 9th 1:00 PM Location: 735 Haywood Rd (next to the Isis Music Hall)

Ellis Paul’s Master Class in songwriting is a three hour session devoted to awakening the writers goals for their songs. The class addresses the mission of the song, the use of sensory details, and editing, in a way that makes the song’s flight path in the world more effective. Notebook or recording device encouraged (no need to bring guitars). Class limited to 15 people.

Ellis Paul is an award winning songwriter who has been touring the American highways for 25 years. His songs have appeared in major motion pictures and television programs, been covered by Grammy award winning artists, and have help to define the singer songwriter genre for the last two decades. He was won 15 Boston Music Awards, been inducted into the Maine Music Hall of Fame, and a received an honorary doctorate from the University of Maine for his work.

Tickets: $50 includes the workshop and ticket to the show.

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