SoundSpace is looking to become Asheville, NC’s first full-fledged music practice space facility. This fundraising event will feature performances by The Paper Crowns, amandla, The Dirty Badgers, Zin Vetro, The Styrofoam Turtles, and Moonlight Street Folk



SoundSpace is looking to become Asheville, NC’s first full-fledged music practice space facility. It will be serving the critical needs of the music community, touring and local musicians alike. SoundSpace will be created as a place of support for artists amidst the rapidly growing industry of music in the area. They recently ran an online fundraiser via Indiegogo to help raise funds for the project, and are continuing to raise funds via this showcase and on their website –

SoundSpace aims to create a place of support for artists amidst the rapidly expanding industry of music in the area, by providing spaces for Asheville’s growing music base to do their work. It will serve as a powerful, creative hub that will help to enrich and grow Asheville’s vibrant music scene.

SoundSpace is managed and owned by two Asheville residents and musicians, Claude Coleman Jr., drummer of the group Ween and Brett Spivey. Both bring lifelong careers and experience in music and studios domestically and abroad, in addition to having experience as studio owners they are builders themselves.

SoundSpace will also feature a soul-food café, honoring its legacy and past. The target property is the famed Rabbit’s Café and Motel, in the Southside area of downtown. SoundSpace will be partnering with Clarence Robinson, A-B Tech Culinary Graduate and local chef who grew up behind the Motel and is a relative of the original owner. The motel was used for the touring Negro baseball leagues, of which Asheville had a dominant team. SoundSpace will feature murals on the building sides in tribute.

The Performers


The Paper Crowns                 amandla              The Styrofoam Turtles               Zin Vetro                           The Dirty Badgers                  Moonlight Street Folk









“The Paper Crowns are ambitious. They are a husband and  wife who make music together. At first glance you may think you could pigeon hole them into expectations. They might surprise you. They improvise heavily on acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, and drums…often while singing harmonies. Their sound lives somewhere between Shovels and Rope and an acoustic Jerry Garcia jam. Their songs are some of the best in the nation. Take the time and check them out for yourself.” (Juan Bengoa – Concert Promoter/Booking Agent)

Fusing soul, rock, folk, psychedelia, and alternative R&B sound, Claude Coleman, Jr., the 25 years-and-counting veteran of Ween, is taking his band, amandla, and their newest album, Laughing Hearts, on the road. Laughing Hearts is the third amandla release on Coleman’s imprint label Marshall Hotel Records.

Most bands don’t take it far enough. Rock isn’t dead. Blues isn’t dead. There will always be a sweet spot for music where blues and punk hit. Legitimate idea of what happens when hard mountain blues meets old school CBGBs New York punk. Here’s the Dirty Badgers. Think ‘ New York Dolls. ” Think “White Stripes.” Think Pussy Galore’s version of “Rocks Off.”

Presenting an original interpretation of vintage glam as heard (and definitely seen) at a Warhol party in the LimeLight, where Bowie, Bolan and the Ramones meet Iggy and the Dolls with a space age edge… Get your Glam on and allow the fey, fantastic Zin Vetro to “free your soul” with “Cosmic Rock and Roll” …

The Styrofoam Turtles are a grungy stoner rock band from Asheville, NC. Starting out in late 2015 to early 2016, the Turtles have shellshocked town after town scaring old ladies around the globe and stealing the hearts of every mid-life crisis mama.

Moonlight Street Folk is a dynamic 5 piece band based out of the mountains of Asheville, NC. Known for their endearing stage chemistry and harmonious prowess, they are pioneering a genre which they lovingly call “Street-Folk.” With the help of the moon and an eclectic mix of influences, they jam out funky, soulful, original music built on a back-yard acoustic foundation. It’s a howlin’ good time!





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