It starts with good songs — lyrics that resonate, melodies that linger, an occasional left turn that stretches the ear… that’s where Tall Tales lives. We’re all over a wide range of American and international influences, and we love to sprinkle that magic dust over a good song just to see where it’ll go. C’mon out and be surprised with us!

Tall Tales


At the core of Asheville-based Tall Tales stand Chris Rosser (vocals, guitars, piano, oud, dotar, melodica), Al Schlimm (guitars), Joan D’Entremont (vocals), and Zack Page (basses). While they keep very busy with their own far-ranging musical ventures, all look forward to the occasional Tall Tales performance.
Calling Chris Rosser a singer-songwriter is a profound understatement. He is that, of course. But he is also an accomplished jazz pianist, recording engineer and producer, touring guitarist for recording artist Lizz Wright, and founder of the highly acclaimed world-jazz ensemble Free Planet Radio. Al Schlimm brings decades of guitar inspiration to the stage and studio. Prior to landing in Asheville he plied his skills in numerous rock, blues, jazz, and international settings across the U.S. He and Joan D’Entremont share a home and family and greatly enjoy the pursuit of the next great song. For the last ten years Joan has enjoyed adding her lovely harmonies to local country band Deep River. On any given night you’ll find Zack Page, double bass slung over his shoulder, running from one gig to the next with mere minutes to spare. Such is the demand for his technique, taste, and good vibes. While jazz (and… metal!) are Zack’s passions, he raises the musical bar in any setting.

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