Starting in the early 1930’s there come about a brand new style of music that was a hybrid of Jazz, Blues and Old Time String Band (or Hillbilly). Instead of big horn sections and drums they used guitars, Fiddles and steel guitar. (the horns and drums came later).  Some called it Western Swing, Texas Swing, Hillbilly Jazz, etc.  Some just called it Hot Music.

Bands like Milton Brown’s Musical Brownies, Jimmie Revard’s Oklahoma Playboys, Shelley Lee Alley and His Alley Cats, Roy Newman And His Boys, Cliff Bruner and His Texas Wanderers and, of course, Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys.

Wilson’s Hot String Band is a brand new band that plays this very style of hot music. Eveything from Monroe to Django.

Russ Wilson – Tenor Banjo, Tenor Guitar & Vocal
Marc Brookshire – 6 String Guitar & Vocal
Hank Bones – Dobro, Steel Guitar & Vocals
Gary Mackey – Violin, Mandolin & Vocals
Calvin Johnson – String Bass & Vocals

Russ Wilson


Once in awhile someone comes along and adds something fresh and bright to the great songs of the past and Russ Wilson clearly has done this. Having heard Russ sing as well as heard his various bands, what sets this performer apart from so many others is that Russ is authentic. His voice can be intimate or he can fill the room with his wonderful and powerful voice. His vocal control is on par with the best performers of the past who made these songs what they are today, standards. Russ stays true to the melody as written by the composer, refrains from overly embellished delivery, and is a credit to the The Great American Songbook which is alive and well on this wonderful new album. Whether it’s a ballad or something with a bounce, Russ Wilson’s affection for bands and vocalists now long gone, is infectious and his latest album “P.S. I LOVE YOU” is a “must have” for anyone who enjoys great music provided by a great performer. “P.S. I Love You” is a love letter to the listener, but also to the great composers, bandleaders, and vocalists of sweeter times and I am delighted to recommend this album to you from one of the best singers I know. ~ Johnny Holiday, Hollywood CA

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