Lois Chazen


Lois Chazen had a vision and promptly bought the domain when she intuitively heard the name, and this is how “World Peace For Animals” was created. Michael Jackson was her inspirational influence with “We are the World,” but her heart cried out to the animals. She desired to create a music fundraising project that would help make a difference in the animal’s lives worldwide! She devotedly planted the seeds-of-love, and an artist friend created the logo for “World Peace For Animals.” A few years later through Facebook connections, the seeds-of-love she planted flowered and so was the life-line for her project. Eighteen songs by twenty-seven inspired artists were completed, with the “soul” intention of creating funding, consciousness, and compassion through heart-felt music for the animals throughout the world.

The first CD is in memory of HARAMBE: We honor you Harambe–shot to death in the zoo–instinctively sheltered a child you never knew–good natured not defiant–nick-named “A Gentle Giant”– so in memory of your name–you achieved worldwide fame–flying on the wings of love–in Spirit of the Turtledove.

The songs on the CD: Harambe & Friends were created by the most incredible animal loving music artists in the world, and a few blessed ones are here to perform their songs dedicated to the animals–so enjoy and allow the music to touch your soul and put the love back into your hearts! All the animal loving music artists will also be performing their own songs as well–so enjoy and ROCK ON! Pray for peace and live love~ Lois Chazen

The Artists



Lois Chazen had a vision and created “World Peace For Animals.” Eighteen songs by twenty-seven artists worldwide were created, with the “soul” intention of raising funds, consciousness and compassion through heart-felt music. She is also the founder, author, and publisher at Turtle Dove Publications. She writes through her heart and soul as an author and lyricist for the animals. She wrote the lyrics for seven songs for Harambe & Friends. www.worldpeaceforanimals.com




Elaine Elizatbeth Presley declares: Don’t be cruel…to the animals! Elaine is the daughter of Elvis Presley and is a multi award winning, internationally recognized artist with rave reviews from fans to experts alike. She has been coined as a five star professional. Elaine owns unique qualities of being very natural, down to earth and unforgettable. Yet, she enjoys the combination of being simple in her country girl charm as well as being quite sophisticated. Elaine is the daughter of Elvis Presley. http://www.elaineelizabethpresley.com/




Natalie Jean’s latest accomplishment was winning the 2017 Josie Music Award: World Artist of the Year (Multiple Languages). She has released four albums from 2013-2016. She has performed at countless venues, and is an International award winning multi-nominated artist, a singer-songwriter who performs and writes for many genres, and sings in French, Spanish, English, and Creole. She has been nominated over fifty times for her music. She is also a Grammy voting member. Natalie is performing the song, “As Within So Without.” http://www.natalie-jean.com




Arthur Strout, from an early age, has been playing piano and writing lyric. He wrote and performed the song for the retake movie, “Face In The Crowd,” with Grammy Award Winner, Meryl Streep. Arthur has played with the likes of “Hall and Oates,” “Electric Light Orchestra (ELO),” “Duran Duran,” “Outcast,” ABC band, “Flock of Seagulls,” and so many, many more. He is a concert pianist, and has played on over 89 albums worldwide. Arthur is performing the song, “The Robins Nest.” http://arthurstrout.com




Jay Jourden is a Producer Songwriter Performer and Activist. From his first hit and dance tracks, (“Dance, Dance, Dance, With Me” ‘79), to his current rock/blues/jazzy/pop/dance/spoken word, professional sports tributes, and social issue songs of today, he connects with his audiences and his trademark, multi genre magic. Currently signed with Toronto Pictures/Global Film Studios, he’s co-founder of The WORLD FREEDOM PROJECT, a Board member of Musicians & Artists for World Peace, and recently wrote the global hit WORLD FREEDOM SONG (Together We Are One). He will be performing his song Mafi’s Song (Song of the Moon Bear) http://www.jayjourden.com




Artimus Pyle and Christopher Chappell Pyle (father and son), joined forces in 2014 to cultivate a sound that could only be created through loss, struggle, and the love of rhythm. Artimus, drummer for Lynyrd Skynyrd (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2006) and Chris have come together to form “Chappel”—music that can only be described as Southern Fried Tribal Boogie!! Artimus is drumming for the song, “Harambe.” http://artimuspyleband.com




Aditi Sethi and Jay Brown integrated a blend of rhythms and singing from Africa and India, and combined their eclectic backgrounds and formed the band “Shantavaani.” They deeply honor the traditions they’ve studied and hope that this convergence of musical traditions can facilitate not only entertainment but also enrichment for the soul. Aditi and Jay are performing the song “Grandmother’s Moonchild,” http://jaybrownmusic.com




Daniel Barber has been leading the “Jubilee! Community World Beat Band” in Asheville since 2001 and led the events band, “Current Invention,” for over a decade. Using a variety of instruments and playing a variety of styles, he is continually delighted by the many ways that music spreads love. Daniel is performing the song, “Harambe.” https://www.danielbarber.com




Reggie Lafaye is a Nationally Acclaimed Saxophonist! He has opened for, or played with, Reba McEntire, Little Richard, Pat Boone, BB King, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Lee Greenwood, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, The Mandrell Sisters, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, The Gatlin Brothers, Restless Heart, Ball In The House, and a special guest artist with, “The Paducah Symphony Orchestra,” with Conductor, Mastro Raffaele Ponti. Reggie plays the saxophone for the song, “Runs Like Thunder.” http://reggielafaye.com





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