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Wyatt Edmondson & Laura Rabell

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
$12 / $15
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Seated Lounge Show - Limited Tables Available with a Dinner Reservation :: All Other Seating is First Come First Serve General Admission :: Please Call Venue for Dinner Reservations


A powerful story – Diagnosed with progressive blindness, Wyatt Edmondson found hope in music. The Americana songwriter influenced by Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews hits the lounge stage on April 17.

Laura Rabell doesn’t shy away from exploring the dark side of life and love in her songwriting and is currently working on her first full-length album. Set for release in early 2019, the album combines her literary depth and Southern Gothic perspective with the complex sounds of Alt-Country & Americana.

Wyatt Edmondson · 7:00pm


Sonically Nashville. Soulfully Alabama. There’s an exciting new voice in musical storytelling.
When it comes to Wyatt Edmondson, it all begins with his story. Growing up in a quiet neighborhood of Montgomery, Alabama, Wyatt Edmondson was raised in an artistic family. With a father and grandfather both active in music, Wyatt found a love for the guitar at an early age.

At fifteen, Wyatt learned of his diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa, a condition that causes progressive blindness in millions of people around the world. It was at that moment that Wyatt decided to make music his life and pursue a career in performance and songwriting.

The music itself is a reflection of Wyatt’s journey into what we all know as the great road of life. The songs are written from a place of compassion and yet frustration and the burning desire to become something greater. Wyatt’s music is simply written to be an honest attempt to give us what we all need, a look in the mirror.

Wyatt Edmondson released 2 demo projects, Higher Ground and Lovers Lake while attending Troy University. This year will bring the debut of his first EP recorded in Nashville, TN. Wyatt is currently touring the United States to connect with new fans and explore America’s landscape. It’s no doubt his shows are fun, exciting, passionate, and purely Wyatt Edmondson.

Laura Rabell · 7:00pm


Music has always been an innate catalyst for Laura Rabell. From singing at the top of her lungs in her ’96 Chevy Cavalier to the first time she recorded at Blackbird Studios, Rabell knew that music was meant to be part of her life. Although her 9-5 life in Charlotte, NC, was devoted to a career in marketing, Rabell’s desire and love for music didn’t go away. So she took a leap that so many others wish they could, ditching corporate America for Americana.
Since relocating to music city, Rabell’s proven herself worthy as one of Nashville’s rising songwriters – she’s got a song to sing, but more importantly, a story to tell.