Tickets, Dinner Reservations, Seating

Do you need clarification about the type concert formats we have, how the seating and dinner reservations in the music hall work and how seats are saved for these different formats? The link below will provide a exclamation of how all this works. We hope this helps you enjoy your evening at Isis Music Hall.


Most of our concerts are fully seated and offer a limited number of dinner reservations in the music hall or lounge. Fully seated concerts have seats for everyone. If you make dinner reservations for a concert – you will be seated at a table in music hall (or lounge) and will have that table for the duration of the show. There is a $20 minimum food and beverage purchase required for concert dinner reservations in the music hall / lounge. All other seating is first come, first serve.

Folks that want to have dinner, but were unable to get a reservation in the music hall, may come early and eat dinner in our dining room. We allow those folks to save seats in the music hall when they arrive before having dinner. Patrons wishing to do this should plan to have earlier reservations in order the complete dinner prior to showtime. You do not have to eat dinner to come in early and save a seat – however, we do not allow folks to come in, save seats, and then leave the venue. They are welcome to sit at the bar and enjoy a drink prior to the concert.

On occasion, we will have a partially seated show that will offer “reserved seating” on the floor. These tickets are higher than the general admission tickets and are purchased on line. Those shows do have limited seating in the balcony as well that are available first come, first serve. There is also space on the floor for standing at these partially seated shows.

We also do have standing shows. With these shows there is no seating on the floor. The only seating available would be the limited seating that is available in the balcony…. again, for these type show many folks come early, have dinner in the dining room, and save seats in the balcony prior to eating. All seating that is available is first come, first serve.

To make dinner reservations for a concert, you must purchase or have purchased tickets for the concert you are making reservations for. If you are wanting to make a dinner reservation for a concert, you must call the venue. While making the reservations we can also purchase the needed tickets that same time. If you are just buying tickets only – that needs to be done thru the web site.